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Single Axle - Zone 1

Single Axle Can Hold A Maximum of 7.5 Tonnes or 14 yards of Material.

Material Calculations
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Material Types


Pine Mulch

Pine Mulch [Grow Bark]

Pine mulch has a uniform texture and is reddish-brown colour which darkens with age. The acidic PH helps condition soil while reducing weeds by preventing seeds from sprouting.

Black Mulch

Black Dyed Mulch

Mulch that has been dyed black, will help your garden retain moisture and will provide visual impact to your landscape.

Red Mulch

Red Dyed Mulch

This mulch is made of wood chips that have been dyed a lively red. Install around your garden beds at 2”-3” deep for best results.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar Mulch

A beautiful aroma, this light brown mulch will promote plant growth by improving soil conditions through moisture conservation.

Forest Mulch

Hardwood Mulch [Forest Utility]

This natural true brown mulch will help reduce weeds, regulate temperature and improve the soils moisture retention capabilities.

Top Soil

2 Way Top Soil

2-Way [Black]

Soil that is great for topdressing lawns, levelling or filling areas, light and fast draining.

3 Way Top Soil


A mix of subsoil, compost + sandy loam. Adding nutrients to the soil this mix is Suitable for garden beds, trees or new lawns.

Screened Top Soil


This basic and versatile soil is often used in grading, gardens, berms, and installing sod.


3/8 Peastone


This smaller gravel based product has a smooth finish and is often used for both decorative projects like enhancing gardens as well as functional uses like walkways, playgrounds, dog runs, or other high traffic areas.

1-2' Riverstone

Small 1-2" Riverstone

Riverstone is ideal for accenting landscapes, water features or as a functional drainage product.

2-4 inch Riverstone

Large 2-4" Riverstone

A nice blend of sizes and colours this decorative ground cover looks great in gardens, around ponds or can be used as a drainage stone.

3 Quart Crushed

3/4 Crush

This is a light grey larger gravel that it packs well and contains no sands or fines. It is typically used wherever drainage is needed, as a sub-base for walk/driveways or retaining walls.

Chips n Dust

Chips + Dust

A gravel based product made from stone chips and limestone screenings. Use to make granular pathways or as a base for landscape projects like paving stone projects or a flagstone patio.

Recycled Asphalt

Recycled Asphalt

Reclaimed asphalt pavement [RAP] is reprocessed pavement materials containing asphalt and aggregates.

Bedding Sand

Bedding Sand

Bedding sand is an ideal base material for under interlocking patios/driveways, holding its shape when under concrete slabs or as a base for pipe laying.

Brick Sand

Brick [Mason] Sand

Often used for back fill, making mortar, over interlocking pavers or in playgrounds, volleyball courts, sandboxes..

A Gravel

A Gravel

Is a mix of smaller pieces of stone and sand which is designed to allow for drainage when necessary. Use this product as a base under roadways, patios, driveways, walkways, an retaining walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can supply all types of landscape material from 1 yard to 100 yards.

Single axle can hold a maximum of 7.5 Tonnes (14 yards) of material.

Triaxles can hold a maximum of 20 Tonnes and must be booked 24 hours in advance.

There is a delivery fee plus the cost of material.

  • Standard delivery charge for single axle truck within the City of London is $90.00.

  • Material prices [topsoil | aggregate | mulch], large load, outside city limits, wholesale inquiries please email for pricing.

Unfortunately not. We do not have a retail location as we are not a landscape supply yard, we are a trucking company offering delivery services.

Use our calculator tool found here

Depth in inches = D
Lenght in feet = L
Width in feet = W
= D/12 x L x W/27

For example if you want 4” of mulch on a garden that is 6’ wide and 12’ long the calculation would be as follows:
= 4/12 x 6 x 12 /27
= 0.333 x 6 x 12 /27
= 0.889 yards

To be safe we would suggest ordering 1 yard.

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