Bin Sizes

A 3D rendering of a 9 yard bin.

9 Yard Roll Off Bin

Our 9 yard bin is an excellent space saving bin. With it’s shorter length at 8’ it takes up less space on jobsites allowing you more room to work. We have equipped it with rear rollers so our expert drivers can even put this bin inside a garage! With a small footprint it still has a large capacity with measurements of 8’ Long by 8’ Wide by 4’ High.

12 Yard Roll Off Bin

Our 12 yard bin is great for heavy materials such as soil and concrete. With its’ low sides and swing away rear doors loading this bin with a machine or by hand is easy! Make sure to discuss with us your material weight with all bins as right now it is limited to 7.5 Tonnes max. Bin measurements are 14’ Long by 8’ Wide and 3’ High.

16 Yard Roll Off Bin

Our 16 yard bin is a perfect all around bin. This bin is our most popular and has been used by almost all of our clients regardless of their project. With 4’ sides it is easy to side load but still has lot of space inside. If loading heavy objects by hand the swing away rear doors make easy work of it. Bin measurements are 14’ Long by 8’ Wide and 4’ High.

20 Yard Roll Off Bin

Our 20 yard bin is excellent for renovators, arborists and those looking for junk/yard removal. This big bin still has our convenient swing away rear doors but also allows you the freedom just toss in everything that needs to go over the side. If you need a lot of space and have light material this is bin for you. These are in high demand so early booking is key. Bin measurements are 14’ Long by 8’ Wide and 5’ High.

A 30 yard dumpster bin with measurement indicators.

30 Yard Roll Off Bin - COMING SOON, Summer 2021

Our 30 yard bins are the perfect size for big renovation jobs where you still need to load by hand. With 5' sides and swing open doors you can pack this bin full. Bin Measurements are 20' Long by 8' Wide and 5' High.

A 40 yard dumpster bin with measurement indicators.

40 Yard Roll Off Bin - COMING SOON, Summer 2021

Our 40 yard bins are best for house demolition or jobsites with a lot of debris. These big bins allow for machine loading with a lot of material. Their heavy duty structure allows you to fill it up to the top of the bin and get your monies worth! When the project calls for lots of room these bins are what you need! Bin Measurements are 20' L x 8' W x 7'H

Bin Rental Pricing




Delivery + Pickup
7-Day Rental [Weekends Included] - $20.00|Day Thereafter
*Additional Charges For Disposal




Pickup, Disposal + Return to Site
7-Day Rental Restarts
Return to Same or Another Site
*Additional Charges For Disposal

Bins can only be filled to be level with the top of the bin, charges will apply if we cannot pickup the bin. For our driver’s safety they cannot rearrange the contents.

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Disposal Charges


Per Metric Tonne

Construction + Demolition Mixed Waste

Such as; wood, insulation, drywall, wall finishes, shingles, flat roof, flooring, cardboard, concrete, metals, rubble.


Per Metric Tonne

Household Mixed Waste/Mixed Solid Waste

Such as; carpet, styrofoam, insulation, pressure treated wood, railroad ties, ceiling tile, furniture, non-recyclables, glass.

Have materials such as compost, fill, reinforced concrete, clean concrete, rubble, clean asphalt, tires, electronics, or something else not listed? Contact us for pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lifted Trucking will dispose of most non-hazardous materials such as construction debris, demolition, or renovation debris, yard trimmings, green waste, household junk, appliances, furniture, scrap metal, sod, rocks, gravel, cement, and any odds and ends.

There are some materials that we cannot take. These include; but are not limited to, hazardous materials such as: chemicals, gasoline, oils, solvents, car batteries, asbestos, propane tanks, paint or paint cans, household waste, such as diapers and chicken bones or any type of toxic or biological waste.

We also do NOT take freon based appliances which include air conditioning units – freezers – coolers – refrigerators

Any civic or environmental charges on such materials are the sole responsibility of the client; therefore we recommend that you safeguard your bin and monitor the contents accordingly.

Please ensure all vehicles are cleared from the site and there are no power lines above where you would like the bin. We always put down wood as to not damage where the bin is being set. Additional protection is always welcome. Please talk to the driver when they arrive.

Only with the proper permits, certain local governments allow bins to be placed on the street while others do not. The City of London requires a “Permit for Approved Works”. More information is available on the City of London website or call them at (519) 661-4500. Outside of London, call your local city or town hall.

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